Digitalisation in the health sector

Hospital Futures Law (KHZG)

The digitalisation push for hospitals

Digital transformation - more than just IT 

Rising case numbers and changing framework conditions in the health care system, such as legal requirements, present hospitals with immense challenges that make modernised patient care and stronger networking indispensable.

To promote IT-supported care, the Federal Government passed the Hospital Future Act (KHZG) at the end of last year, which expands the previous Hospital Financing Act and the Hospital Structure Fund Ordinance (KHSFV). In the process, a total of 4.3 billion euros will be made available by the federal government and the Länder for investments in digitisation and modern technical equipment.

Among other things, investments in measures for digital equipment of emergency rooms, electronic nursing and treatment documentation, clinical decision support systems, digital medication management and further developments of telemedicine structures will be funded. 15% of the funding is to flow into IT security or cybersecurity in each case and must be taken into account in each funding project. To support and implement the digitisation projects, personnel measures and advisory services can also be financed through the KHZG.

With the KHZG, the government is going one step further to advance the digitisation of hospitals: Penalties will be incurred for hospitals that have not introduced digital measures pursuant to Section 19 KHSFV (such as end-to-end electronic documentation of care and treatment services) by 01.01.2025.

The funding grants make it easier for hospitals to carry out overdue digitisation or modernisation projects, set the course for a digital future and also help to avoid penalty payments.

Your path to the digital clinic

The resources of the fund are limited in both time and money and must be applied for by the hospital operator to the responsible authorities of the Länder before the end of 2021. But how can an eligible IT project first be identified and an efficient and structured application and subsequent project implementation be made? What organisational and process-related effects does the project have for the hospital?

ENGINEERING helps you to uncover the potential and the application areas of your digitisation and modernisation project within the framework of the funding programme and to implement them according to your requirements. We advise you on all four levels. Depending on your individual needs, we can provide support at any point in time.

Specifically, we support your hospital in the following steps:

  • Support in finding your hospital-specific digitisation and IT strategy
  • Identification and review of projects eligible for funding under the KHZG
  • Support in the preparation and submission of applications
  • Conducting a structured organisational and IT analysis of your company with a focus on your project
  • Process management: we analyse your existing processes, optimise and digitalise or automate them
  • Creation of the organisational and technical concept
  • Decision preparation with regard to the selection of providers and components for hardware and software
  • Support in the implementation of the tendering and procurement process
  • Implementation of the project and coordination of all parties involved in its realisation
  • Professional and technical testing, implementation of training courses and go-live support

Professional expertise for your KHZG digitisation project

The Hospital Future Act provides the basis for your digitisation and modernisation projects. We will be happy to advise you on your individual funding project regardless of whether you want to introduce software or optimise an existing system. Your advantages with our cooperation:

  • We have an extensive technical network with digitisation partners
  • Work with professionals. We have:
    • many years of industry expertise
    • a strong and large team of employees that we can call on at any time
    • relevant experience in process management and digitisation of processes

Bring your hospital into the digital age and take advantage of the funding.

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Hans-Peter Knaust

Our passion is to develop strategies with our clients and to implement them successfully. In doing so, we build not only on methodological knowledge, but especially on trust, many years of experience and industry expertise.

Hans Peter Knaust
Managing Director of ENGINEERING