Monheim am Rhein

Proof of Concept: Sustainable “MonLightGrid” lighting concept

Project description

As part of the “MonLightGrid” project, the city planned to provide smart electricity meters and a modern lighting concept. The aim of the project was to identify possible technologies and interactions with existing urban systems and data. To this end, pilot areas such as the old market square in Monheim were selected to test the use of controllable luminaires here and, in further stages, to control them in an event-related and automated manner, for example.

With our “Digital Enabler” solution, we were able to support the networking of the different luminaire technologies as well as other internet, open, GIS and local data in order to test the dynamic control of the luminaires in a prototype.


Sustainable lighting concepts can improve the quality of life in neighbourhoods. On the one hand, they help to achieve optimal energy efficiency and, on the other, they can contribute to species protection. Intelligent systems that regulate the streetlights at night ensure that animals such as insects are not excessively disturbed.

In addition, by networking with other IoT sensors, for example, use cases can be developed that have an effect in the fields of safety, well-being and sustainability.

Methods and technologies used

  • Digital Enabler
  • LoRaWAN network technology
  • IoT Senorik

Talk to our expert

Together with the city of Monheim am Rhein, we were able to demonstrate how our FIWARE-based smart city platform can be used to build smart services with information from urban sensors and open data sources, and how these can be used to control local lighting installations. The joint project demonstrated the flexible and diverse application possibilities of our solution.

Marc-Pascal Lehrich
Head of Smart City