Reference: City of Heidelberg

“Dashboard-for-Citizen” of the city of Heidelberg.

Project description

The aim of this initiative was to test the use of an open data platform in order to prepare and provide citizen-oriented urban and general information and services and thus lay the foundation for further development stages of a digital city.

To this end, a team consisting of the Digital Agency Heidelberg and ENGINEERING has drafted the vision of a “Dashboard-for-Citizens” and evaluated corresponding use cases from the fields of action environment, health, mobility and social media as particularly relevant and identified possible data sources.

On the basis of a FIWARE open source platform, existing IT systems of the city, the digital agency and from the areas of open data and open API were connected and the data processed into higher-quality services.

The data was presented via a web portal in the form of interactive maps, traffic light systems and as a dashboard.


The city already had a variety of existing IT systems that provide an overview of current conditions in the respective sectors, such as traffic volume, environmental data or filling levels.

Through our FIWARE data platform, this heterogeneous data could now be made usable for further developments and also made available transparently to the local actors of the city.

Methods and technologies used

For the realisation of the project, a FIWARE-based open source data platform was used, which is significantly based on the reference architecture model “Open Urban Data Platform” (DIN SPEC 91357) and the findings and specifications of the international OASC (Open Agile Smart City) initiative. By using the FIWARE data platform, we were able to achieve a high degree of transferability and standardisation of the data.

The project planning and implementation was carried out through agile project management using the Scrum method.

You can find more information about the construction of the platform and the implementation of the project in our FIWARE Impact Story.

Talk to our expert

Together with the Digital Agency Heidelberg, we identified the necessary fields of action and made the existing information centrally available. A great success for the ENGINEERING Smart City Team!

Marc-Pascal Lehrich
Managing Consultant