City of Dormagen

Smart Tourism: Frequency measurement in the city centre

Project description

As part of the integrated urban development concept (ISEK) and the city centre master plan, the city of Dormagen planned to measure the flow of visitors in the city centre with the help of modern technologies. Sensors distributed at strategically important points in the city centre are used to record the flow of visitors in accordance with data protection regulations. The resulting data flows into our urban data platform, where it is stored and processed before being forwarded to the digital twin of the city of Dormagen. There, the current data of the visitor flows are displayed in real time.

In the next stage of development, further smart city use cases are planned for the urban data platform so that it can be made available to the city, citizens, companies and educational institutions in the future.


Through our urban data platform, the measurement results of the sensors can be processed and forwarded to the digital twin of the city of Dormagen. This provides the city with information about how visitor frequencies behave over the course of the day and week.

Based on this data, the city can act in a targeted manner and adapted to the current number of visitors. For example, the city can use the knowledge about visitor frequencies to adjust the mobility offer within the city centre. Furthermore, the city marketing department receives information about which events and activities in the city centre are well attended and contribute to the revitalisation of the city centre.

Methods and technologies used

For the implementation of this project, our FIWARE-based urban data platform was used. In order to measure the data of visitor frequencies, sensors were mounted on city lanterns in the indoor stand.

The planning as well as the implementation of this project was done through agile project management using the Scrum method.

For more information about the frequency measurements in the city centre of Dormagen, see our article Dormagen – A City in the Digital Age.

Talk to our expert

With the development of our urban data platform in Dormagen and the real-time pedestrian frequency measurement as the first use case, we were able to create the basis for a modern smart city development in Dormagen. In the next stage of expansion, we can now use the platform to plan and implement further smart city use cases, such as the networking of mobility services.

Marc-Pascal Lehrich
Head of Smart City