Geocall WFM 4.0 introduction at enercity – Stadtwerke Hannover.

Project description

The current WFM system is no longer up to future requirements and does not use the possibilities for digitalisation. In order to improve competitiveness, the WFM system was modernised.

A special customer requirement was a complex process and interface management for the integration of the existing SAP and Lovion systems.


The advantage of modernisation is faster and better processes in scheduling and space, which can be achieved through better operational planning, resource planning and better customer communication.

Methods and technologies used

  • Agile project management (Scrum)
  • BPM process consulting
  • Software: Geocall WFM (OverIT), Orchestra (soffico)OverIT), Orchestra (soffico)

Geocall is a modern WFM system with which the requirements of enercity (Stadtwerke Hannover) can be realised in all areas. Especially in connection with mobile devices, dispatching and customer service can be made much more efficient.

In our video you can see how Geocall was used at enercity in Hanover:

Talk to our expert

Hans-Peter Knaust

Together with our customer, we have developed new digital services for the energy market in an agile approach, focusing on highly integrated E2E processes between SAP, Lovion and Geocall. This is an important success for the ENGINEERING Group and shows our competence in the energy sector.

Hans Peter Knaust
Managing Director of ENGINEERING