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Use the full potential of your data for innovative services with the DIGITAL ENABLER.

Intelligent control of heterogeneous data pools

The declared goal of the EU: the promotion of the entire EU economic area with the help of innovative data and software tools. Especially for this purpose, ENGINEERING developed the DIGITAL ENABLER, the first European “Smart City” solution based on the open source components of FIWARE.

With great success: Many cities and municipalities, public and private employers successfully use the ENGINEERING innovation today to introduce digital, platform-based solutions.

The solution developed by the Italian ENGINEERING is used worldwide – for example in Smart City projects in Helsinki and Antwerp. You can find more information here.

Highly efficient digital platform economy

As an open IoT and data platform, the DIGITAL ENABLER is a digital multi-talent for collecting, processing, displaying and analysing data from different systems and sources. Heterogeneous data can thus be accessed uniformly, used in a variety of ways and used to create new services.
The DIGITAL ENABLER offers a wide range of new areas of application in the fields of smart cities, utilities, industry and agriculture: Green transition, networked mobility, energy-efficient building management and production & logistics processes are just a few.

Highly flexible for endless smart industry solutions

The DIGITAL ENABLER range of applications is almost limitless. Here are just a few examples of which problems can quickly become yesterday’s news:

SMART CITY – Unsafe streets, endless searching for parking spaces, non-stop street lighting or delays due to public transport cancellations? A citizens’ platform can optimise all this and thus sustainably improve the quality of life in cities.

SMART INDUSTRY – Production downtimes, inefficient processes, high costs, delivery bottlenecks, quality defects or delayed deliveries? With the DIGITAL ENABLER platform, this can be avoided in the future and process flows can be made many times more efficient and sustainable.

SMART AGRICULTURE – Crop failure, poor product quality, incorrect irrigation or climate change? The DIGITAL ENABLER helps farmers optimise their agricultural processes and products to meet the needs of ever-growing populations and the global demand for increasing resource conservation.

And many other possible applications.

In our video we show practical use cases and how the DIGITAL ENABLER works:

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Digital Enabler

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