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ENGINEERING has developed an assistance system for home care. With this mHealth solution, we support people who care for their relatives at home.

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In Germany, at least 1.9 million people are cared for at home by 4.5 million relatives. In more than two thirds of these cases, no outpatient care service is involved! CuraVesta addresses this problem: The application software for mobile devices, such as smartphones, assists both in the preparation phase and in the daily care phase.

With CuraVesta, we effectively and permanently support people who care for their relatives at home. The people in need of care are thus enabled to live independently and safely at home. In practice, the assistance system is intended to help users to provide the extensive tasks of care in a responsible, structured and quality-assured manner.

The number of short-term inpatient hospital stays caused by incorrect home care and the duration of inpatient hospital stays caused by escalations can also be reduced.

Users primarily care for dependent children, spouses or other relatives. Therefore, it is an important goal to reduce the risk of stress reactions of the carers caused by overwork and social isolation.

CuraVesta application on the smartphone

The three core components of CuraVesta

Technologically, CuraVesta consists of a frontend for controlling data communication and a backend for process and data management. In doing so, we integrate the Open Data technology from FIWARE.

The components at a glance:

  1. Care guide
    The caregiving app is intended to make it easier to cope with daily tasks and to reduce the psychological pressure on caregivers. Directly at the point of care, the app is also intended to provide knowledge about how typical tasks can be carried out professionally and what resources are available.
  2. Exchange platform
    The care app is intended to connect those in need of care with other relatives and providers such as doctors, care services or central counselling services and telemedia providers.
  3. Shopping avatar
    The care app is designed to assist caregivers in purchasing medicines, resources, meals, etc. In addition, the app can monitor stock and provide timely reminders to reorder, for example before holidays.

Functionalities of CuraVesta

Our app is an innovative mHealth service and is available to the carer, but also to the person in need of care, anytime and anywhere.

Excerpt of possible applications

  • assistance with the documentation of daily care measures and control of the care process,
  • family network through integrated communication modules,
  • video conferencing for the GP with access to the patient file,
  • report generation and export as PDF and
  • provision of knowledge database for family caregivers (text and videos).

With our solution, we want to help improve the quality and transparency of home care and enable older people and those in need of care to live longer, self-determined and autonomous lives at home.


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ENGINEERING has developed the CuraVesta solution to make everyday life easier for caring relatives.


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