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We give your brand a virtual voice - and integrate your brand values virtuoso and authentic.

Chatbots as virtual brand ambassadors

Virtual assistants bring your brand to life and give it a distinctive identity linguistically. This is software that is able to understand natural language – whether spoken or written – and converse with people through various channels.

These agile conversational interfaces include virtual assistants as well as chatbots. Regardless of the interface through which they interact, whether text or voice-based, as a web component or intelligent speaker.

We also give your brand a fascinating voice.

Your brand personality alive and tangible

If companies want to make chatbots representatives of their brand, the first step is to align the personality of the virtual assistant with the brand identity so that they authentically convey the values and principles that define the brand. This three-step process is as follows:

  • In step #1, we define the verbal identity, the set of communicative codes that a brand will use to express itself through the conversational assistant. This work is done by a team of computational linguists, UX specialists and technical profiles.
  • Once the brand values and principles are identified, in step #2 we define the tone of voice of the virtual assistant, taking into account the three dimensions of language: semantics, syntax and pragmatics.
  • Last but not least, step #3 consists of defining how and what the assistant will communicate: What kind of expressions will he use? What characteristics will define his personality? What kind of user will he interact with? Where will he balance efficiency and entertainment?

Example of how the chatbot works

Tailor-made virtual customer service

Chatbots should be 100% authentic brand ambassadors in every situation. For this purpose, it is extremely important to define in advance all conceivable stations on the customer journey in which customers have contact with the bot. This way, the assistant can perfectly play the respective role in each phase. Some examples:

  • First contact: Welcoming and resolving FAQs. Establishment of a brand culture.
  • Attention: support and product suggestions. Recruitment of new customers.
  • Process automation: capturing customer preferences.
  • Customer loyalty: personalised promotions. Customer feedback and satisfaction.
  • Recommendation: sending personalised notifications. Customer retention.

The use of chatbots has many advantages, such as cost savings, better customer knowledge or positive user experiences. With every user experience, customer loyalty increases.

We would be happy to advise you on the development and establishment of virtual brand ambassadors.

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