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We combine the necessary knowledge and the right data with the appropriate technology to deliver customised, timely digital services and solutions for our clients' specific needs!

We build your digital ecosystem together!

Digitalisation is putting information technology at the centre of many companies. New requirements in terms of productivity, sustainability and communication are emerging in all sectors. IT systems are no longer just technical resources that electronically support traditional business processes as an internal service, but also enable innovative, digital products and services.

IoT platforms, cloud offerings, big data and open source technologies have long been part of our daily tools. Decision-makers who consistently evaluate these new IT services and implement them as needed give the company an important competitive advantage.

We support our customers in achieving their competitive advantage. Our platforms and solutions in the smart city, industry, health and energy sectors cover the key requirements of our customers. We accompany companies not only in the planning and concept phase, but we also support our customers in the integration and operation of their solutions.

Platforms & Solutions

Urban Data Platform

The ENGINEERING solution for sustainable and future-oriented urban development.


City of Dormagen

The aim of this pilot project was to create a virtual 3D image of Dormagen and to collect real-time data of the pedestrian frequency in the shopping street in order to get a first digital picture of the processes in the city. To realise this, ENGINEERING provided an urban data platform that collects external data as well as data from visitors to the city centre and makes it available for further analyses and the development of new services.


Intelligent data-driven services from the cloud

ENGINEERING and WOBCOM jointly offer a cloud service platform for cities and municipalities.

Platforms & Solutions

Chatbot Solutions

We give your brand a virtual voice – and integrate your brand values in a virtuoso and authentic way.

Platforms & Solutions


ENGINEERING has developed an assistance system for home care. With this mHealth solution, we support people who care for their relatives at home.


City of Heidelberg

The aim of this initiative was to test the use of an open data platform in order to prepare and provide city and general information and services in a citizen-oriented way and thus lay the foundation for further development stages of a digital city.


Secure data platform for digital services

ENGINEERING and WOBCOM trial 5G use cases.

Platforms & Solutions

Digital Enabler

The DIGITAL ENABLER offers a wide range of new areas of application in the fields of smart cities, utilities, industry and agriculture: Green transition, networked mobility, energy-efficient building management and production & logistics processes are just a few of them.


City Dashboard as a citizen service

FIWARE Impact Story: Learn more about the development and implementation of a City Dashboard in the city of Heidelberg using our FIWARE-based data platform.


City of Monheim on the Rhine

With our “Digital Enabler” solution, we were able to support the networking of the different luminaire technologies and other data in order to test the dynamic control of the luminaires in a prototype.

Platforms & Solutions


Geocall is a modern WFM system for optimising the field service processes of natural gas, electricity and water suppliers with a focus on maintenance and meter reading.

Platforms & Solutions


DATAELL is our infrastructure for the creation of smart data, which guarantees data governance for financial institutions out of the box.


Call for funding by the Federal Government for Smart Cities model projects

The leitmotif of the third funding season: “Together out of the crisis: space for the future”.


ENGINEERING and City of Bamberg: Successful participation in international ideas competition

We are the winners of the Best Digital Solution for Resilience category!

Platforms & Solutions

Robo Advisory

Robo Advisory is based on Deus Technology and is a digital wealth management solution that aims to analyse and profile clients. On the one hand, to support promoters and advisors in identifying financial and insurance products that advance the realisation of the client’s life goals. On the other hand, the solution allows financial institutions to manage and coordinate their economic activities.

Platforms & Solutions


ellipse enables the digitalisation of health organisations. The platform can support diagnoses and treatments in real time and accompany patients in their health management.


Smart Transportation

Digital traffic and mobility management.

Platforms & Solutions


With our ENG4Auto Ecosystem, we are driving digitalisation in the automotive industry. We support our customers with individual solutions, from the planning and provision of products to digital support in the vehicle and dealer activities.


Agil Supply Chain

Supply chain management as a competitive advantage.

Platforms & Solutions

Hoox Suite

Hoox Suite is a mobile application that enables efficient organisation of medical information and facilitates patient relations.


Funding programme for digitisation projects

ENGINEERING supports German SMEs with digitalisation projects.

Platforms & Solutions

Industry eXcellence

With offices in North America, South America and Europe, Industries eXcellence is a global centre of excellence for the Engineering Group specialising in the design, development, integration and implementation of holistic digital solutions for the entire lifecycle of industrial products and processes. Particular focus is placed here on the manufacturing and transport industries.

Platforms & Solutions


With D-CODE, we support our customers from the financial industry in managing customer relationships, for example, by having the solution directly support our customers in selecting the products and services that best fit their needs.

Platforms & Solutions


With Movilitias, advanced digital twins for production and the optimisation of products and processes become a reality. Intelligent supply chains and digital production ecosystems are Movilitas’ specialisation.


ENGINEERING develops Smart Tourism App

The Smart Tourism App offers intelligent services for your next city visit.

Platforms & Solutions

Market Suite

Market Suite makes it easy to manage online sales in retail as well as wholesale distribution. For example, you can set up an online shop via app with this solution.

Our platforms & solutions support you in the following sectors



We advise our clients in the healthcare industry on all aspects of digitalisation and develop platforms and mHealth solutions that improve healthcare management.



With our platforms & solutions, we support industrial customers in the digital transformation of their production, in maintenance and servicing processes and in the optimisation of supply chains.


Public Service & Energy Industry

In the area of Smart City, we work together with cities and municipalities to develop innovative, sustainable digital services, such as Smart Parking or Smart Lighting offerings, to improve the quality of life in cities.

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Our passion is to develop strategies with our clients and to implement them successfully. In doing so, we build not only on methodological knowledge, but especially on trust, many years of experience and industry expertise.

Hans Peter Knaust
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