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We offer strategic IT TRANSITION & TRANSFORMATION - so that your company so that your company can continue to perform at the top in the future.

We make your IT "future ready

How do you efficiently transform heterogeneous IT landscapes that have often grown organically over years or decades, with isolated solutions and often missing standards, in a way that conserves resources? With the help of our comprehensive ENGINEERING IT know-how.

We are happy to advise and support you with our IT expertise in your systematic step-by-step transformation. An often complex mammoth task that many cannot manage alone.

In doing so, we minimise the risks associated with every transformation, which can lead not only to high follow-up costs, but also to quality problems in operations. Even challenging transformation projects lose their threatening nature with us and give IT managers back the composure they need for the demanding task.

1a results through profound know-how

Whatever your IT goals are: We advise you comprehensively from A to Z and help you to modernise or completely reinvent your core applications and IT infrastructure step by step.

To ensure that your IT meets the requirements of the future and guarantees maximum security, we use our profound know-how about modern technologies, applications, infrastructures, security concepts, operating models, industry solutions and human-oriented design.

But we are also happy to take on simple, elegant solutions including implementation, as well as the rapid, comprehensive transformation and optimisation of applications and infrastructure.

In short: we reduce your transformation risk and equip you for the future.

Strong 360° service portfolio

With our ENGINEERING Transition & Transformation Services we help you to draw the optimal benefit for your company from different approaches.

Our services:

  • Joint review of your plans with regard to the goals you have set yourself
  • Creation of your own transformation plans + comparison with the plans of possible service providers
  • Technical designs for your IT of the future
  • Management of even complex transformation projects – regardless of whether you have to transform yourself or manage a provider during implementation
  • Answering the questions of how you can 1. achieve effective provider management, 2. monitor provision of services
  • Knowledge transfer and handover to operations
  • Test and quality management

Important: A transformation must not be a pure “provider event”. Sourcing projects can only succeed if all parties pull together in partnership, contracts are clearly formulated and solutions are implemented that are supported by all participants. Only in this way can a sourcing project result in real added value in the long term.

We will be happy to advise and accompany you competently until the transformation is complete!

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Michael Behr

Our passion is to develop strategies with our clients and to implement them successfully. In doing so, we build not only on methodological knowledge, but especially on trust, many years of experience and industry expertise.

Michael Behr
Head of Digital Services