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The smart way to the cloud - Modern IT requires a customised cloud strategy that fits into
the existing system landscape and creates additional freedom and innovation.

Through consolidation and virtualisation, the first evolutionary step has been taken!

Our approach helps to modernise existing IT infrastructures. After consolidation, the number of systems has been reduced to a necessary level and there is a homogeneous target architecture with few different databases, operating systems, network components, protocols and hardware suppliers.

Virtualisation technology has established itself as a method for providing entire infrastructures automatically at the “push of a button” via self-services and for simulating entire environments. In the event of capacity bottlenecks, additional resources can be avoided by relocation or provisioning, service levels can be mapped cost-effectively and energy costs can be saved.

Competitive advantages through flexibility and cost efficiency thanks to the cloud

Today’s global economic development is characterised by ever shorter innovation cycles and requires ever greater flexibility and adaptability on the part of companies in order to remain competitive.

Gain this flexibility and responsiveness by benefiting from the advantages of expanding your IT infrastructure with cloud services (hybrid cloud). Take advantage of the possibilities to expand your existing IT infrastructure within a few minutes by creating virtual cloud servers and thus react agilely to increased demands on your server capacity through “Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)”.

Enable your developers to develop new apps independently in the cloud, without much lead time, test them and make them available to your employees or customers around the world through Platform as a Service (PaaS). Benefit from apps like MS Office365, which you can use anytime and anywhere through Software as a Service (SaaS) without additional infrastructure and maintenance costs. Prepare your data volumes within the cloud through high-performance databases and tools in a short time through “Platform as a Service (PaaS)”. All services are only charged according to use and runtime, so you can calculate your costs exactly here.

The right preparation is the first step into the cloud

The ENGINEERING expert:inside team supports you every step of the way: from analysing which cloud service makes sense for you to use, to integrating this service into your existing IT infrastructure, to training your employees. And even afterwards, we are available to you at any time with our expertise and our specialists.

We advise you independently of manufacturers and develop a process model with you:

  • Analysis of the IT system landscape, IT processes and requirements
  • Creation and evaluation of a target architecture
  • Feasibility analysis, business case (ROI) and decision template
  • Developing migration paths (including effort and costs)
  • Establishment of a project management office (PMO) and project management
  • Implementation of server consolidation and virtualisation
  • Virtualisation of the runtime environments of the applications in order to provide device-independent services centrally
  • Implementation of a managed services architecture
  • Design and implementation of the required IaaS, PaaS and SaaS systems
  • Migration of selected systems to the IaaS, PaaS or SaaS systems of the cloud providers


Our core competence is our many years of expertise as a certified Microsoft partner in the Server, Modern Workplace and Microsoft 365 environment.

ENGINEERING supports you in all project phases: In strategy development, project planning, implementation and in all operating phases such as on-prem, “in the cloud” or as managed services – with special consideration of data protection and data security.

Innovation & Digitalisation

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We offer strategic IT TRANSITION & TRANSFORMATION – so that your company can continue to perform at the top in the future.



Old hat – or the basis of future-proof IT infrastructure?

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