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Advice on the design, implementation and go live of your S/4HANA system

Naturally, our consulting services also include support in optimising or redesigning your business processes. When converting your own developments, we provide support from the analysis (keyword: what is still needed?) to the adaptation of the coding.

We can also operate the S/4HANA systems for you in one of our international data centres.

If you combine our AMS services with the conclusion of the SAP maintenance contract, then you receive a 360° service:

When a fault occurs, it is reported to our service desk and we take care of the analysis and rectification within the agreed SLAs. If the malfunction is due to software errors, we contact SAP and eliminate the malfunction. These faults are not invoiced separately and are shown separately in the agreed reporting.

Advanced analytics are the tools that use the information content of large amounts of data. The interpretation of the changing data happens automatically through a continuously self-learning system. Through the analysis, profitable insights into the company can be achieved. The quality of decisions increases because they are based on forecasts of future developments. Machine and Deep Learning techniques for interpreting the context of data now form the basis for a new generation of intelligent digital solutions. The aim of these technologies is to improve the quality of work and life and to release energy by anticipating current needs and system states and identifying the next steps. This results in optimised processes or personalised services that make the best possible use of available resources on the basis of valid predictions.

Our SAP S/4HANA services at a glance

  • Changeover consulting, workshops and readiness check, business partners, FIORI, authorisations
  • Process consulting, also introduction of new sub-processes
  • Support during the changeover to S/4HANA (conversion)
  • New implementation
  • Developments
  • Licence sales and maintenance
  • Maintenance of S4/HANA installations (installation of corrections)
  • Rollout for existing or new national companies (incl. support in selecting the appropriate SAP software product)
  • Upgrade: the on premise edition is upgraded once a year by SAP (further developments, changes etc.)
  • Application Management Services – application support
  • Hosting/outsourcing: we operate your system in one of our international data centres

 S/4HANA Workshops

The ENGINEERING workshop series informs you compactly and competently about the basics of the new SAP world and shows you how to find the ideal way into the new SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management for your company and your existing SAP landscape:

  • Basic workshop: Conversion vs. relaunch (duration: 1 day)
  • Follow-up workshops on conversion vs. relaunch (duration: 3-4 days)
  • Summary workshop with recommendations for action (duration: 1 day)

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