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With our modern service desk solutions, we support your teams - quickly and directly.

IT service with heart and mind

As ENGINEERING, we offer you comprehensive service desk solutions with the latest IT know-how – operated by highly trained, 100% customer-oriented service desk professionals.

Because technological development shows: With ever new cloud-based systems, mobile devices and IoT devices, the demands on modern IT service desks are also increasing. However, the constant further development of their services & competences, processes and processing times can become a resource-intensive task for companies.

Our approach: As IT complexity increases and the need for advice grows, the social skills of empathetic service desk staff in particular become the No. 1 problem solver.

We help you with customised IQ and EQ-based service desk solutions.

Free resources through our 360° support for your IT

Our comprehensive service desk packages keep your back free for important tasks. Our service credo: technically skilled, human immediate support instead of resource-consuming endless forwarding.

The goal you achieve with us: high, continuous accessibility as well as an initial solution without escalation. Our team answers incoming support requests as a “Single Point of Contact” (SPoC) immediately in a 1:1 dialogue and with the aim of eliminating technical problems as quickly as possible.

With this typical ENGINEERING efficiency approach, our service desks solve technical and organisational as well as business problems with above-average success.

We are also happy to achieve the highest satisfaction values with your users.

Comprehensive service desk portfolio

Our support practice shows that many employees love our service desks because they immediately receive competent answers to their questions, which solve their IT problems quickly and effectively.

For highly efficient problem solving, we not only focus on the actual IT problem, but also include the subjective feelings of users in our solution finding.

And because our own teams are as important to us as our customers, they consist of permanent, excellently trained and certified employees.

Our IT service desks also offer you the following services:

  • Provision of all common input channels such as telephone, fax, mail, chat, service portal and apps
  • Automated dialogue system with a chatbot
  • Great service efficiency and solution orientation through clear processes
  • Ticket monitoring & tracking
  • Proactive support for our customers
  • Continuous training and certification of our employees
  • Meaningful and transparent reporting
  • Variable resource model

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Michael Behr

Our passion is to develop strategies with our clients and to implement them successfully. In doing so, we build not only on methodological knowledge, but especially on trust, many years of experience and industry expertise.

Michael Behr
Head of Digital Services