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Modern workplace concepts

The smooth functioning of all workplaces is of immense importance for the success of the company. For this purpose, the workplace should be kept technically up-to-date and also adapted to the needs of the individual employee. In the event of a defect, a quick repair must be guaranteed.

Work effectively in a safe environment

The Managed Workplace consists of much more than just the replacement of defective end devices. Important components are the mapping of the complete IMAC/R process, the reinstatement in case of incidents, the asset management as well as a meaningful livecycle management. The technical support as a human component must work flexibly, solution- and customer-oriented through its professional and social competence.

For example, in the event of an incident, the technical support team is informed about the incident by the service desk via a mobile application on a portable device. This enables the support team to react quickly and, after an on-site inspection, to immediately send a hardware order to the asset management department, which is then provided by a responsible employee. The prompt repair of the workstation reduces the employee’s downtime, which in turn reduces costs.

What are the most important characteristics or goals of the modern service desk?

  • Low downtime of a resource
  • Rapid assistance due to short response times
  • Cost reduction through low downtime
  • Achieve a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Smooth onboarding of new employees
  • A very well developed and practised knowledge management system
  • Very well trained and flexible staff
  • Optimised livecycle P-planning (balance between economic efficiency and equipment performance)
  • Data security

How can this be achieved?

  • SLA-based terminal service
  • High service efficiency and solution orientation through clear processes
  • Proactive customer support and advice
  • Meaningful and transparent reporting
  • Continuous training and certification of employees
  • Flexible, motivated and qualified staff
  • Standardised workstations
  • Hardware from professional manufacturers
  • Variable resource model
  • Use of modern technologies


As a competent partner in the area of Managed Workplace Services, we help our customers to actively change so that they can outsource the operation of their IT workplaces and thus concentrate more on their core competences.

Our top priority is to ensure that your employees feel professionally looked after by our colleagues.

We like to look after our customers and not only focus on the IT problem itself, but also on the human aspect.

In addition to our customers, our own employees are very important to us. Our team consists of permanent, well-trained and certified employees. We train our employees in the ITIL v3 and Lean Six Sigma environment.

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The world of work is undergoing the transformation of digitalisation. This also means a high degree of flexibility and connectivity for the workplace. Our aim is to create the best possible conditions for a modern workplace for your employees with our digital solutions.

Michael Behr
Head of Digital Services