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Enterprise Application Infrastructure

Data volumes and connected systems are constantly doubling. the more the simple integration of the applications and the interface management become success factors.

Security through professional data management

On average, data volumes double every two years. Parallel to this, the number of connected systems is also growing steadily. This enormous data flow – also called “big data” – increases the demands on IT systems and data quality.

The core problem: master and transaction data as well as interfaces are subject to permanent changes due to the rapid growth. In addition, erroneous entries or duplicates falsify data stocks and reconfigured interfaces and unplanned system updates cause high costs.

With our professional, company-wide data management, we enable companies to achieve optimal quality security for their data in constantly changing IT environments.

We optimise your business applications

ENGINEERING helps with modern “Enterprise Application Integrations (EAI)” services to reduce the interface diversity of applications, to decouple specialised processes from interfaces and to adapt process steps between applications.

We connect existing applications using a scalable, modular middleware platform, standardise interfaces and migrate data to the required input formats.

In short: we simplify and harmonise data and interface complexity.

Professional implementation with Best components

The intelligent EAI approach of ENGINEERING uses proven “Open Source Middleware” components for the implementation of an open interface architecture.

As an agile partner of our customers, we develop a rough concept for further detailing together with them, plan the implementation of the solution scenarios and accompany the productive implementation with customised testing, training and post-going-live procedures.

After our involvement, you will have a highly flexible integration solution for linking to any data source, application or programming interface.

Talk to our expert

Hans-Peter Knaust

Our passion is to develop strategies with our clients and to implement them successfully. In doing so, we build not only on methodological knowledge, but especially on trust, many years of experience and industry expertise.

Hans Peter Knaust
Managing Director of ENGINEERING