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Digital transformation is not simply an app. It affects all areas of the company, the employees and also the customers.

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Hardly any development influences IT and society as much as digitalisation. It is impossible to estimate what further changes the future will bring. Even if development is still in its infancy at the moment, it can be estimated that companies will have to adapt.  

Digital transformation is not magic, but it is also much more and deeper than an app or digital multi-channel management.

Digitalisierung - Digitale Transformation

Developing the target image

At the centre of the digital transformation model is your digitalisation target picture, which determines in which of the surrounding digitalisation segments measures make sense and are necessary to implement your target picture. The formulation of the digital target image is essential for the digital transformation and for the path to the digital future. With this target image, you define the direction of further action. 

The goal can be selective digitalisation to increase efficiency by introducing innovative technologies in a targeted manner. Often, optimising measures in individual digitalisation segments are already sufficient. 

Digital transformation

For a comprehensive digital transformation of the company, however, all digitisation segments must be tackled: They build on each other and reinforce each other. The starting point is the definition of a Digital Strategy, which determines the fields of action and the time frame for achieving the target image.  

The Digital Processes segment deals with the question of how processes can be optimised through innovative IT tools in order to be more customer-oriented, increase efficiency or reduce costs. It is precisely in this field that quick wins can be achieved – even selectively.  

Further digitisation requires digital empowerment of the company. This takes place on three levels: the organisation, the technology and the data. A company developed in this way is in a position to promote and develop a digital mindset, i.e. to make the cultural shift away from hierarchical and technocratic coordination instruments towards networks and a learning organisation. This cultural change is the basis for creating innovations and developing digital business models. 

Be successful with digital transformation 

ENGINEERING has developed a digitalisation model that opens up the possibility for its customers to make digitalisation concrete and to follow a systematic path into the digital future. We advise you with subject matter experts and a lot of experience in the individual segments. At the same time, we bring in current know-how, proven innovative methods and trends from digitalisation and agile management. In doing so, we never lose sight of the target picture so that the strategic course of your company is ensured. 


Digital transformation

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