Process management

We support companies in the development, analysis, control and optimisation of suitable business processes
and thus ensure an efficient use of resources as well as a high process quality.

Central question

What does future-proof digitalisation mean for a company? What are the effects of automation and the steadily growing use of artificial intelligence?

Due to the dynamisation of the corporate environment, continuous adaptation of business processes is essential for sustainable corporate success. The overarching goals are therefore to review and optimise business processes in order to increase process quality and efficiency. In this way, we ensure the effectiveness of processes and ensure the optimal use of resources (efficiency) – in terms of personnel and material.

Our holistic process management approach covers the entire value chain of companies and includes both primary performance and supporting management processes. The creation of transparency about the respective process landscape as well as its dynamic, agile and intelligent design make it possible to react adequately to changing framework conditions and thus ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

Successfully change processes

In practice, many process optimisation projects lead to costly and complex results. Their benefits peter out in the medium term because the results are hardly maintainable. Process management as we understand it means creating a framework in which processes can be continuously developed, introduced, trained, managed and controlled so that the business architecture of your company becomes adaptive and flexible.

With the right level of digitalisation and a structured process infrastructure, the digital transformation can also succeed.

Components for successful implementation:

  • holistic analysis and consulting approach (process modelling, process optimisation, process automation)
  • intensive support for the implementation phase and line implementation
  • specially developed method for consistent modelling
  • modelling of the most commonly used process languages EPK and BPMN 2.0
  • modelling in ARIS and Camunda
  • implementation of established change management methods
  • implementation of agile management workshops

Finding the right solution

Our consulting approach covers all relevant steps of process management and always includes their implementation on site:

  1. Process analysis: Process analysis includes the identification and documentation of processes. The use of our agile management methods help you with a prioritised and objective approach.
  2. Process transparency: Your processes are customised in the course of business process modelling by using common modelling languages (EPK, BPMN 2.0) and with the help of specialised software such as ARIS or Camunda.
  3. Process optimisation: Process optimisation is about understanding customer needs and identifying the relevant business processes. Subsequently, these processes are analysed according to the requirements, optimised and, if necessary, newly created.
  4. Sustainability: The use of our developed methodology for consistent modelling enables you to achieve a high degree of stability and thus relatively few adjustments to your processes in the line business.
  5. Process automation: Furthermore, our portfolio includes the automation of processes as well as the design and implementation of workflow systems.

In addition to the planning and implementation of the listed process management steps, we accompany companies through training and comprehensive change management measures for a successful line implementation.

In everything we do, our credo is: “Take on responsibility in partnership and bring about joint solutions”.

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