Our management consulting supports you from the development of your strategy to successful implementation.

People are there to create greatness - A digression

40 technical draughtsmen and engineers planned the construction of the Eiffel Tower in over 4,000 drawings. With the Hoover Dam, 16,000 workers used more material for the first time than the Egyptians used to build the Great Pyramids of Giza. Putting the first astronaut on the moon required 400,000 professionals and, by today’s standards, over 120 billion US dollars. 

Whenever people have created something great, they have had a strategy to turn their visions into reality through the right organisation, efficient processes and the appropriate technologies. This image is the motivation behind our work. 

Achieving great things together

ENGINEERING develops strategies so that your visions become real success. This includes the analysis of the current situation as well as the derivation of measurable goals and the selection of suitable strategic options: Can growth be achieved through customer orientation, cost leadership or niche strategy? What options for non-organic growth are available through mergers & acquisitions? 

Our strategy consulting services do not end with the communication and implementation of the developed strategy. We create a process of strategic management that enables companies to identify the need for change and implement strategic corrections. 

Corporate mission 

A strategy can only be effective if it follows a vision. By developing a mission statement, you create the conditions for your employees to be carried along by a common vision and for your customers to gain a strong perception of your company. Your mission statement includes

  • the vision is the ideal image of the company in the future. The vision should arouse emotions and create meaning.
  • the mission as the mission of the company: what will the company achieve for customers, shareholders, employees, partners or society?
  • the values of the company as the common basis for all actions within the company. 

Goal formulation and strategy development 

The formulation of concrete goals is the prerequisite for making the path to the vision controllable. Target systems can be arbitrarily complex – but in the best case they are simple, comprehensible and achievable. Modern approaches such as the Objectives & Key Results (OKR) model do justice to this. 

Once the strategic goals and framework conditions have been set, a suitable strategy must be defined. This includes in particular the analysis of the environment, the relevant trends as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the company. On this basis, ENGINEERING develops the strategy together with you that leads to the success of your company. 

Manage strategy regularly 

Companies are constantly adapting to technological and social change and other environmental changes. It is therefore all the more important to understand strategic management as a process that must be designed and lived. ENGINEERING develops an individual process of strategic management together with you, which is characterised by regular phases of 

  • control of the strategic objectives, 
  • strategic analysis of the effects, 
  • strategy adaptation for your company and
  • ensuring sustainable implementation  

dynamically adapts its strategy to the demands of the market. 

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