Modern organisations need to learn continuously in order to adapt to market and competitive changes. and competitive changes - we show you new ways.

Rethinking and transforming organisations

ENGINEERING advises and guides organisations in the analysis and design of sustainable structures and processes. From analytical restructuring to the development and implementation of an efficient organisational design, we consider all relevant success factors.

We support you with a holistic view of the entire corporate architecture and ensure that strategy, structure and processes are closely interlinked.

Always taking into account the “human factor”, which plays a central role in many areas of organisational redesign.

Step by step into the future

Organisations today have to react faster and more flexibly than ever before in order to survive in a digitalised global economy. Maximum agility is becoming a decisive factor for success.

Because solid organisational structures will also be needed in the future in areas of security, reliability and routine, we focus on empathetic, highly competent change management to find and establish the ideal structure.

To this end, we identify managers and employees in your company who actively help shape the organisational design and act as promoters and multipliers. In this way, we enable you to implement the change yourself, step by step, with our help.

However, since existing structures in established organisations cannot be replaced ad hoc, agile methods and organisational forms are used specifically where innovation and rapid response to customer needs are concerned.

This is how modern, hybrid organisations are created with our help, the management of which is a special challenge – but one that you can easily master with our support!

Know-how ändern deluxe

Modern types of collaboration and constantly changing demands on the professionals of tomorrow make it necessary for companies to go completely new ways again and again.

This is precisely why we are your agile partners who are well-versed in many areas.

We support you not only with proven consulting know-how, but also with our pool of experts for agile methods. As well as with coaches and trainers who accompany you in the introduction of agile management and on the path to digital transformation.

Whatever you are planning, we will guide you to your goal.

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Karin Förster-Feick
Head of Business Consulting