Software rollout

Two essential factors make complex software rollouts a success: perfect organisation and consistently precise communication - both are part of our rollout DNA.

Success Factor "Employee Acceptance"

Rollout projects are one thing above all: change projects. The primary rollout goal is always the introduction of new software. However, 100% success requires much more than the pure technical software installation.

Whether change projects are really successful can only be seen after the software has been implemented in the behaviour of the employees in their practical use of the new software: Do the employees live the newly introduced processes and use the new software? Or do they fall back into old behaviour patterns and familiar processes and try to transfer them to the new application?

Through intelligent change strategies with empathetic internal communication campaigns, we also prepare and accompany the success of your software rollouts.

Empathic rollout communication

Get your employees on board the “rollout boat” at an early stage. Because our experience shows: With the help of a well thought-out, empathetic communication strategy before, during and after a software rollout, acceptance, satisfaction and success can be organised and increased on all sides.

We advise and accompany you in your rollout communication from A to Z – with the development of all building blocks of your well thought-out communication strategy:

Before the rollout

  • Early communication about upcoming rollouts with information for employees
  • Communicating the goals and benefits of the new software
  • Increase acceptance

During the rollout

  • Communicating important project updates – at the right time, to the right people, in the right tone of voice.
  • Definition of the most appropriate media & communication channels
  • Efficient implementation/launch

Even after the introduction of software, it is important to continue to accompany the change process. Sustainable success depends, on the one hand, on the attitude of the employees, but essentially also on the role model function of the management, which consistently exemplifies the new way.

After the rollout

  • Launch party
  • Communicate the goals achieved by the new software – e.g. cheaper, faster processing, etc.
  • Increase software acceptance and future rollouts

Further success factors for an efficient rollout

  • Individually tailored conception and rollout templates
  • Clear definition of change processes
  • Clearly structured and professional project organisation
  • Regulated transition to the operational organisation

We know the needs of complex rollout processes and will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Proven rollout management

You are planning a software rollout and would like to strategically plan and implement it in a first-class manner?

We as ENGINEERING are happy to provide you with a team of excellently trained employees who will do everything to lead your rollout intelligently and empathetically to success.

Our management consultants and communication professionals have many years of experience and will create a rollout methodology and communication strategy that fits your company perfectly in order to ensure an efficient introduction.

We accompany you through the rollout project and offer you an individual knowledge transfer to your employees during and after completion.

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