Project management

Virtuoso project management forms the foundation of all phases of our projects - from from initialisation through implementation to successful completion.

Project success can be planned with us

Our goal is always the project success of our customers in the sense of the magic triangle in project management:

ENGINEERING project management, which has been successfully proven many times, is characterised by a well thought-out mix of clear responsibilities, the use of project controlling methods and tools appropriate to the complexity of the project, and constant reflection on the progress of the project.

To this end, we analyse the specific characteristics of our clients before the start of the project and take these into account when selecting the various methods (classic or agile) and structures.

We are also happy to place your goals in the absolute focus of our actions.

Complexity tamer with passion

The challenge is almost always identical: bringing together projects with many minds from different departments, companies and even cultures and achieving the same goal together.

Our ingredients for success:

  • A common understanding of the project goal and scope
  • Realistic and pragmatic project planning
  • Stringent implementation and control of the project

Important ingredient No. 4 is the greatest possible flexibility of project management. Because: Sometimes, in complex projects, the desired result can only be formulated vaguely at the beginning of the project or the goal and scope of a project shift due to changing framework conditions. Then it is the task of project management to steer the project along the “right” solution path through an iterative and agile procedure.

The focus of all our customer projects is therefore on the coordination and process control skills that we have proven many times over. So we will soon solve your tasks with flying colours!

Project management from ENGINEERING for you

Would you like to know how we would proceed for you? With pleasure! Based on your individual situation and the project goal, we select the appropriate process model together with you. We have extensive expertise in both classic and agile project management. Our employees are certified for both models and have a wide range of experience in different projects, roles and industries.

It goes without saying that we are proficient in the various methods and project management tools and use them consistently as a decisive means to success. We also place special emphasis on the soft skills of our employees, because good communication and teamwork are, in our experience, an elementary means for sustainable success.

Our committed employees therefore communicate with our clients openly and in a solution-oriented manner at all times and distinguish themselves through different focal points in project life:

  • Project or programme management
  • Business analysts
  • Test management
  • Roll-out management

External support in project management is not necessarily the same as external project management. Within the framework of coaching, we support our clients’ project managers in formal and soft aspects of project management.

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We support our customers in digitising their business processes, implementing their strategy and accompany them in the implementation of their IT projects. In doing so, we use market-leading technologies and a wide range of IT services to meet our customers’ requirements.

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