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ENGINEERING accompanies you holistically, from IT consulting to operation

Our portfolio and experience in the field of IT consulting helps companies to design more efficient business processes supported by modern technologies. This also includes consulting on IT structure and process organisation (especially in the environment of IT service management) as well as the architectural design of IT (hardware and software), consulting and coordination during the introduction of new IT systems and applications.

In the totality of management consulting, IT consulting represents a sub-area. The term consulting is used to describe advisory services that specialised consulting companies provide for other companies. In this context, the form of consulting can refer to different business areas. However, the boundaries between classic management consulting and other consulting services are becoming increasingly blurred in times of digitalisation and are therefore no longer conceivable without a connection to IT consulting.

Consulting with a future focus

Digitalisation and the associated digital networking have fundamentally changed the value creation of companies and organisations.

Digitalisation has an impact on the future of every company. As a result, many companies have to make serious changes with an impact on business processes, individual workflows and even the entire organisational structure.

Often, entire business models are also put to the test. Management consultants, especially in the field of IT consulting, must support their clients in making the necessary adjustments and in recognising and taking advantage of the resulting possibilities and opportunities.

In the context of digitalisation, IT and its organisation have a key function in companies. In order to be able to act as a sustainable company, IT processes must be the driver for establishing innovative business models in the company.

The service portfolio of ENGINEERING in IT consulting

Due to their positioning and the overlapping of management and operational IT tasks, the areas of responsibility of our consultants are very diverse and far-reaching. This ranges from strategic IT consulting to organisational consulting to customer and requirements management as well as project management.

We are able to help design solutions and implement them within the framework of projects together with our clients. We are characterised by a sound understanding of IT structures as well as comprehensive knowledge of the individual management segments, such as IT service management and process management.

We also feel “completely at home” with higher-level topics such as organisational consulting and business IT alignment. Customer management and requirements management are absolutely no foreign words to us and we can therefore take a trustworthy and professional position with our customers on every point so that the joint projects are a success.

The implementation strength of ENGINEERING, our know-how and the flexibility to implement projects traditionally and agilely help us to achieve this. Furthermore, we always keep an eye on cultural changes and are a reliable partner in the area of change management.
In addition, due to the rapidly advancing technical changes in our age of digitalisation, we are familiar with the current market developments and are therefore prepared to go new and innovative ways.

In our approach, we see ourselves either as crisis manager:in, interventionist:in, change agent or as a third neutral body and can thus react flexibly to the tasks assigned to us and adopt the desired position in each case.

Our approach

As a competent partner, we offer to look for optimisation options for you and to evaluate and implement them from a technical and economic point of view. We develop information strategies for you and, in the next step, feasibility studies and calculations. In the area of project management, we offer our clients the opportunity to implement new digital solutions together with us and to constantly improve them.

In this way, we also constantly check ourselves and can thus meet the quality demands of our clients. During our work, we monitor the project for adherence to deadlines and cost development. In addition, we continuously carry out quality assurance measures and prepare documentation.

We act as a technical interface to our customers, service providers and individual manufacturers and are responsible for the implementation of new hardware and software solutions, their installation, configuration and administration.

In the case of software consolidations, we can not only offer alternatives with cloud solutions from our group of companies, but also react quickly to the wishes of our customers.

In order to be able to fulfil our wide range of tasks, our consultants have in-depth IT know-how, technical and business understanding as well as rhetoric and presentation skills.


Software rollout

Two essential factors make complex software rollouts a success: perfect organisation and consistently precise communication – both are part of our rollout DNA.


Project management

Virtuoso project management forms the foundation of all phases of our projects – from
from initialisation through implementation to successful completion.



Pragmatic approach to quickly create transparency in application landscapes.

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We offer our customers a holistic consulting service that can be adapted to their individual needs. Our implementation strength, know-how and flexibility make us the right partner for the implementation of your IT projects!

Andreas Hoffmann
Head of IT Consulting