Business consulting

Our advisory team has extensive interdisciplinary expertise and methodological
competence through continuous learning in theory and practice.

Empowerment of employees

The transfer of knowledge and its regular refreshment, both on technical topics and on methodical procedures, are not only of immense importance for our customers. The employees of ENGINEERING are also constantly educating themselves in order to achieve the best possible results for our customers in the complex and fast-moving business world with their specialist knowledge and methodological competence.  

The focus at ENGINEERING is on continuous training and exchange within the team as well as within the entire company. We attend conferences, specialist forums and training courses. We do not look for the one method that masters all challenges in theory, but select the “ingredients” for the right method mix that ensures success for our customer projects.  

The right methods for your situation 

Challenges in projects are not solved by using the most modern methods without considering the respective circumstances. The goal cannot be to prove that we are masters of state-of-the-art project management, but to maximise the benefits for clients in a targeted and efficient way. If necessary, agile project tools can be partially applied even in a classic project environment.  

The knowledge and methodologies should not only come from a manual or textbook. Our employees regularly take part in training courses and have their methodological competence certified. In addition, the exchange with colleagues on the topics is indispensable. This takes place in our individual teams at regular meetings, both online and in person. In addition, we regularly exchange information across the teams in order to build up interdisciplinary knowledge. 

In this way, we always keep our method cases well-maintained and can thus use the right instruments for the success of your projects. 

ENGINEERING as a partner 

The experts of ENGINEERING always use their comprehensive knowledge and methodology for the success of their clients and their projects. There is no set procedure. Depending on the wishes of the clients, the framework conditions and the general project development, an initially applied procedure can be revised and, if necessary, replaced by another method. 

Through active exchange with clients, our colleagues, experts and our industry colleagues, we broaden our horizons and remain open to new topics. 

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Karin Förster-Feick
Head of Business Consulting