Working at ENGINEERING - Much more than just a job

Mathias Wallersheim

Working student supporting the Management Team

“Working closely with the management I have the opportunity to work on a variety of topics and to shape our company’s future.”

What are your tasks?

I work on multiple topics but mostly I get to discuss, reflect, and document our company’s strategic initiatives and goals which guide our priorities in the mid-term. Additionally, I am involved in our culture & change initiative – the “Culture Hub”. In the “Culture Hub” team we try to ever improve our working environment and implement some real changes for our employees. But at ENGINEERING there is always a good topic and to-do right around the corner – so I can’t wait to find out what’s next!

What led you to ENGINEERING?

I started at ENGINEERING as an intern in the summer of 2017. I supported our consulting team in a banking project near Frankfurt. I was quickly introduced into the team and worked together with our customers discussing solutions to their problems. I got a lot of responsibility early on and up until today I still feel that ENGINEERING supports its employees while still creating a challenging environment in which to grow and learn.

What do you like about your work?

This comes down to two crucial aspects for me. First, I get to work with fun and smart people on topics of great importance. I like the fast-paced environment and project-like work style which we utilize supporting the management. Additionally, we work in very international teams, especially our collaboration with Engineering Italy is very exciting. Second, ENGINEERING allows me a lot of flexibility in scheduling my working hours. This is really important to me as my courses have differing schedules and this way, I can combine work and studying and focus on both aspects.

What do you like about ENGINEERING?

I have been working at ENGINEERING for over 2 years now in my role. For me it’s a lot about the people and the company culture which we create. ENGINEERING is a diverse place with all kinds of people and voices represented. This diversity also manifests in the way we engage with one another and how we discuss conflicts and solutions. There is always something new to be learned from a different point of view.

Which ENGINEERING offers are interesting for you?

ENGINEERING offers a lot of initiatives in which to take part in to actively engage and shape the company. Currently I am working together with a bunch of colleagues in our “Culture Hub” to discuss, reflect and change the way we work together to ensure even more fun in our day-to-day activities.
Additionally, I love doing sports and therefore I am very grateful for the ENGINEERING Urban Sports Club engagement, which allows me to visit many different sport locations and try out new activities. Beyond the Urban Sports Club membership ENGINEERING also supports us with our “Social Day” initiative and our “Fitness Challenge” every year.