Internet of Things

Networked machines and sensors for intelligent solutions.

Discover the data potential from the Internet of Things!

Networked end devices and intelligent machines provide an extensive data pool to develop new digital services and business models. Processes and operations can be monitored, analysed and controlled – and they communicate and interact autonomously, as in the case of self-flying drones, driverless transport systems and collaborating robots.

The combination of Machine Learning (ML) methods and Artifical Intelligence (AI) in the IoT environment creates added value that companies use to optimise their business processes.

Our approach

Modern devices use intelligent software and sensors to exchange and collect data, with the physical environment corresponding to IT systems.

ENGINEERING is developing new architectural models to administer the management of these big data. We combine our technological competences with our business know-how and exploit the full potential of IoT opportunities.

We offer our customers holistically tailored solutions: from monitoring and managing IoT devices to analytics functionality in a secure cloud environment.


Internet of Things

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