Cloud & On-Premise

Cloud & On-Premise - Two different systems for identical data management
requirements in data management.

The question of whether cloud or on-premise software is the right solution as an essential part of the IT infrastructure is one that many companies of all sectors and sizes ask themselves. The biggest difference between the two systems is how they are used.

On-premise software is installed locally in the network, i.e. on the company’s own servers and computers, so the data and processes are managed and administered internally.

With a cloud solution, on the other hand, your data is managed on externally hosted servers. In this case, an IT infrastructure such as computing power, storage space or application software is provided to you via the internet. The cloud provider stores the data for you on its servers.

Cloud & On-Premise – You can have it all!

Now you may be asking yourself what makes the most sense for your company.

The following issues should be considered when making a decision:

  1. safety
  2. effort
  3. costs
  4. flexibility

Which solution you should choose depends on the existing IT infrastructure in your company, the human, technical and financial resources as well as the specific requirements for the software.

ENGINEERING offers you exactly the modules you need for your company. With both solutions, you benefit from innovative technology with which you can optimally manage your resources. We provide you with all the building blocks for a modern, dynamic data management.

ENGINEERING checks both applications depending on your individual requirements and offers the best solution for you with a view to future business development.

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