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Smart City

With our urban data platform, we enable the realisation of your smart city visions.
In doing so, we support you from planning to implementation to operation of the platform
and develop use cases - for a modern city of tomorrow!


Together for a sustainable future

Climate change remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. We at ENGINEERING are convinced that we can shape a sustainable and CO2 neutral future with the help of modern technologies. That is why we base our products and solutions on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and focus on developing use cases that contribute to improving the overall situation.

FIWARE Foundation

Our urban data platform uses the open source modules of the FIWARE Foundation at its core. This initiative, launched by the EU, enables the development of smart solutions in a faster, interoperable and affordable way.

FIWARE’s mission is: “To build an open, sustainable ecosystem based on public, royalty-free and deployment-oriented software platform standards that facilitate the development of new smart applications in various fields.”

As a founding member of the FIWARE Foundation, ENGINEERING Group has contributed significantly to the development of the open source modules.



ENGINEERING and WOBCOM jointly develop Smart City platform.

Platforms & Solutions

Urban data platform

The ENGINEERING solution for sustainable and future-oriented urban development.


City of Monheim am Rhein

With our “Digital Enabler” solution, we were able to support the networking of the different luminaire technologies and other data in order to test the dynamic control of the luminaires in a prototype.


ENGINEERING develops Tourism App

The Smart Tourism App offers intelligent services for your next city visit.


Secure data platform for digital services

ENGINEERING and WOBCOM trial 5G use cases.


Intelligent data-driven services from the cloud

ENGINEERING and WOBCOM offer a cloud service platform.


City of Heidelberg

The aim of this initiative was to test the use of an open data platform in order to prepare and provide city and general information and services in a citizen-oriented way and thus lay the foundation for further development stages of a digital city.

Platforms & Solutions

Digital Enabler

Use the full potential of your data for innovative services with the DIGITAL ENABLER.


Smart Transportation

Digital traffic and mobility management.


City Dashboard as a citizen service

A FIWARE Impact Story: Digitalisation to experience at the City of Heidelberg.


FIWARE Impact Story

Innovative solutions for a smart city from the ENGINEERING Smart City Lab.

We support you across industries with our platforms & solutions



Through our innovative technologies, we are driving the digital transformation of the healthcare system. Digital patient records and the networking of all stakeholders enable better patient care and improve sustainability in the health system.



Secure networking of different cross-manufacturer production and logistics systems or intelligent monitoring of the maintenance and servicing of machines and existing plants can be realised with the help of our cloud service platform.


Research & Development

In the area of research and development, we support various projects as a research partner in order to develop further innovative products and solutions that offer people added value and strengthen sustainability.

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For us, smart city concepts are not only modern mobility and traffic concepts. “Smart” rather enables better coexistence and more social participation through modern neighbourhood concepts, self-reliant health and care management as well as local cultural integration.

Marc-Pascal Lehrich
Head of Smart City