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We accompany banks, financial service providers and insurance companies on their way
to new digital ecosystems with our innovative solutions and our team of experts.

Financial service providers are in the midst of a historically profound transformation. Technological progress and the digitalisation of society are changing customer requirements ever faster and posing major challenges for the industry. The dynamics of these changes will intensify in the future with demographic change. All providers are feeling the increasing pressure to consistently adapt their product range to customer needs. However, the pace, timing and effects of this development pose special challenges for the established providers.

Platforms & Solutions


D-CODE is the solution for managing customer relationships in the financial industry. The solution directly supports the distribution network or customers in selecting the products and services that best fit their needs, while keeping the company’s sales targets in mind.

Platforms & Solutions


DATAELL is our infrastructure for the creation of Smart Data, which inherently guarantees data governance for financial institutions. It allows, among other things, the management of granular and elementary data shared by different information systems to improve the quality of the information.

Platforms & Solutions

Robo Advisory

Robo Advisory is based on Deus Technology and is a digital solution for wealth management with the aim of analysing and profiling clients. On the one hand, to support promoters and advisors in identifying a range of financial and insurance products that serve the realisation of the client’s life goals, taking into account economic sustainability; on the other hand, it allows financial institutions to manage and coordinate their economic actions.

Platforms & Solutions

C Consulting

The company has used its 20 years of experience to achieve a solid leadership position in the insurance market by radically innovating the complex and delicate process of corporate reinsurance.

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