Working at ENGINEERING - Much more than just a job

Ursula Eickmeier

Managing Consultant Financial Industry and Team Leader

“During my maternity leave and parental leave, I felt supported at all times and knew that my colleagues and supervisors had my back when I needed it.”

Ursula Eickmeier

What are your tasks?

I work as a consultant for our customers. I support them in their software implementation projects. As a team leader, I am there as a disciplinary manager for my employees and support them in their further development.

What brought you to ENGINEERING?

I got to know and appreciate some of my current colleagues during a joint project assignment. I particularly liked the way they interacted with each other. I have not regretted this decision even after almost seven years.

What do you like about your work?

I like to work in projects, I can’t imagine working in a line job. I like to familiarise myself with new topics and get to know new colleagues. It can be a challenge, but at the end of the day it’s always been worth it. I also like to travel and get to know new places. As a team leader, I love to see my colleagues grow and I love to support them.

What is it like to work at ENGINEERING as a woman?

Diversity is a personal concern of mine. I am all the more pleased to work for a company where women are treated equally. I never had the impression that I was at a disadvantage because I am a woman.
On the contrary, I felt supported at all times, even during my maternity leave and parental leave, and I knew that my colleagues and superiors would back me up if necessary. Feeling this loyalty was and is very reassuring.

You are committed to our mentoring programme alongside your work. Why is that important to you?

In addition to my daily work, I have been mentoring various mentis for many years and thus also provide support, support and advice. My guiding principle here is to support my mentis and to be the contact person for all kinds of questions. Be it organisational questions, questions about further development, stress in the project or similar. Sometimes it is simply helpful to talk to someone who understands you and can give you tips as an outsider without being directly involved or responsible. Of course, all topics between mentor and menti are treated confidentially.

And you support our internal training programme?

Yes, I am a trainer for our project management training courses. So far, these have taken place as face-to-face events over several weekends. Let’s see how it develops after the pandemic. Basically, this training provides for several group work sessions, which are best handled in person. But here we will examine new ways and remain flexible.

How would you describe the working atmosphere at ENGINEERING?

When I compare ENGINEERING and especially my Financial Industry team with other employers in the industry, but also elsewhere, what strikes me most is the pleasant way we deal with each other. We communicate honestly and appreciatively with each other. It’s a bit like a family. Of course, things can get messy from time to time, but in the end everything can be sorted out. I think that also explains why we have so many colleagues who have been with us for a long time. It’s simply fun to work like that.