Employee interview

Thanujan Mahendiran

IT Specialist

“My future at ENGINEERING: I’m excited about the next few years and really looking forward to it.”

Mahendiran Thanujan

What are your tasks in your position?

In my position as IT Specialist, I take on various project-related tasks. In my last project, I was responsible for 2nd and 3rd level support in mobile device management. My tasks included setting up mobile devices, app management for Android and iOS devices, support for the migration of the MDM server and troubleshooting for mobile devices.

What do you like about your work?

I am interested in the topic of mobile device management. This is one of the areas that I enjoy and feel comfortable with. The tasks of my last project were exactly what I imagined for my future and the area in which I would like to develop further, among other things.

What brought you to ENGINEERING?

I have been employed at ENGINEERING for about a year. Before I started here, I had taken some time off to see what exactly I wanted to do in my future. I applied for several jobs and also had several offers. However, ENGINEERING stood out positively from the offers because I really liked the initial contact with the HR team and especially with my current supervisor. The conversations were always relaxed and I felt comfortable right away. In the end, my gut feeling ensured that I decided in favour of ENGINEERING.

What do you like about ENGINEERING?

I particularly like the working model, as I didn’t know that before. I have the opportunity to work on different projects with different clients. That makes the work very exciting and varied. I also find the teamwork and the relaxed atmosphere very pleasant. Both the supervisors and the colleagues always try to create a good working atmosphere. Last but not least, I find it very good that I am given the time for further training.

Which employee offers do you take part in?

I have not yet taken part in internal training, but I think it is very good that something like this is offered. I successfully completed an external training a few weeks ago, which also earned me a certificate.
Initiatives from the health sector such as the “Good Morning Motivation” or “Bewegte Mittagspause” are very nice activities in which I have also participated. I also took part in the “Fitness Challenge” this year, which I also enjoyed. For the future, I am planning to found a cloud working group with colleagues in order to shape topics such as exchange, training and development.