Working at ENGINEERING - Much more than just a job

Claire Pipper

Claire works at ENGINEERING as a dual student and studies at the IST University of Management in Düsseldorf.

 “I have the opportunity to work on so many different projects in different areas – such as marketing, sales or business development. That makes my job incredibly exciting.”

Claire Pipper

What are your tasks?

Since I am doing a dual study programme, I have already worked in different areas of ENGINEERING. However, my focus is on marketing and sales. There, for example, I create press releases, manage our website and social media channels and support the acquisition of new customers in the Smart City area.

What do you like about your work?

What I like most is the variety of my work. I have the opportunity to work on so many different projects, visit trade fairs or organise appointments with clients. Nevertheless, I can work so flexibly that I can successfully complete my studies at the same time. This means I’m always learning something new, which makes my job incredibly exciting.

What is it like to work at ENGINEERING as a woman?

I think it’s the same for men to work at ENGINEERING. We live an open and respectful corporate culture. Through our Women@ENG initiative, we draw attention to topics such as gender-appropriate language, diversity and women in the IT industry and sensitise our colleagues to them. I believe that this makes our dealings with each other very respectful.

Which ENGINEERING offers are interesting for you?

I take part in internal trainings and support various projects besides my daily work, such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Women@ENG or the working group German-Italian cooperation.

Other interesting offers are the discounted membership of the Urban Sports Club, the various sports challenges or the “Social Day”. I have already used the “Social Day” several times. I could take one day off a year to support a project or organisation of my choice. I think it’s a great initiative that shows that ENGINEERING is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and society and that we, as employees, also have the opportunity to make our contribution.

Topics such as sustainability and social responsibility are an important part of ENGINEERING’s corporate philosophy. Why are you involved in the CSR team?

We live in a world that is constantly and rapidly changing. In addition to new, modern technologies, the topics of environmental protection, sustainability and social commitment have become indispensable. In Germany, we have the privilege of being well off and having everything we need to live. However, there are also enough people who don’t have that and it is our responsibility to help these people and also to enable the next generations to have such a life.

I think a single person can already do a lot for that, but we as part of ENGINEERING have a much bigger reach and can achieve much more. Therefore, I think it is our responsibility to get involved with other people and our environment, which is why I joined the CSR project.

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