The partners of ENGINEERING

We work closely with our strong partners and pursue common goals: To support our customers in their IT projects.


With the ASTRID iHub, Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and WOBCOM GmbH we have created a platform for the development and research of practical digital applications that create added value for citizens, municipalities, companies and other stakeholders. Through international open source networking and various cooperations, solutions are being created that sustainably improve living conditions in cities. In terms of content, the aim is to develop and implement concepts in the thematic areas of digitalisation so that cities become more digital (Smart City), mobility more intelligent (Smart Mobility), industry more networked (Smart Industry) and applications more secure (Smart Security). The ASTRID iHub is one of 25 so-called Innocation Hubs (iHub) of the Fiware Foundation worldwide.


As a managed service provider in the IT market of statutory health insurance, BITMARCK is driving digitalisation in the industry and among its customers with innovative products and services. More than one third of all workstations in the statutory health insurance sector are equipped with BITMARCK’s core software.


Enreach offers companies intelligent solutions for the digitalisation of communication and collaboration – from unified communications and collaboration to cloud contact centre solutions and AI-based chat and voicebots, from the cloud as an in-house installation or as part of hybrid models. Enreach is active in over 25 countries and employs 1,100 people at 24 different locations in Europe. ENGINEERING is a solution partner of Enreach and supports customers in the installation and administration of the unified communication solution Swyx.

FIWARE Foundation

ENGINEERING Italy is a founding member of the FIWARE Foundation. Together, the solution Digital Enabler for Smart Cities was developed on an open source basis. The German subsidiary of ENGINEERING has implemented other solutions with FIWARE technology: CuraVesta and SolVita.


The ENGINEERING Group has been an IBM Business Partner for many years. Our consultants complete the necessary software certifications worldwide. With IBM’s product and service portfolio, such as from the Cyber Security sector, we advise our customers and develop innovative solutions.

IDEASFORUM Innovation Hub

IDEASFORUM promotes an open source culture and with its extensive network of technology experts and scientists, offers innovative solutions for the focus topics of smart cities, smart mobility and smart energy. For the European market, IDEASFORUM has competences from the “CEF Digital Building Blocks” environment.


The leading dispatching and scheduling solution for power, gas, water and rail lines. With over 20 years of international experience, OverIT also supports its customers in the latest AR and AI technologies and the latest best practices in field service.


ENGINEERING is a long-standing SAP Silver Partner in Germany. Our consultants have extensive expertise from national and international projects. Due to our partner status, we use SAP resources for training and competence development – our customers benefit from this. The Engineering Group is a Gold Partner and more than 1,400 SAP experts work for us in around 1,000 projects worldwide.

Softwareallianz Deutschland

Softwareallianz Deutschland is a company founded in 2020 with a unique digital business model: Our business is to bring the expertise and innovative strength of medium-sized IT service providers and their employees to IT projects. The company is growing steadily and has more than 100 partners with more than 7,000 IT specialists. The portfolio covers all necessary competences from IT consulting to software development and operation. It functions as a formal association of medium-sized IT service providers and pursues the goal of advising and supporting companies and organisations in the implementation of complex digital projects.

Veeam Software

Veeam® is a leading provider of data protection solutions for efficient Cloud Data Management™. With Veeam’s centralised platform, organisations can modernise their data protection processes, accelerate the move to a hybrid cloud and protect their data. The solutions are easy to install and configure, fit flexibly into any environment and stand out for the highest reliability.


Wolfsburg-based WOBCOM GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and covers telecommunications and connectivity services within the group. WOBCOM is characterised by a young but experienced 25-year company history and always has its finger on the pulse – for example as the operator of the city-wide fibre optic network in Wolfsburg, which is being expanded by the municipal utility.