Environment and biodiversity

Climate change and the associated global warming are serious developments that require immediate action from all of us. The question of efficient and effective measures to protect the climate must be asked at both the individual and corporate level. ENGINEERING faces up to this responsibility and develops new approaches in the project business and in internal processes to protect resources and the climate.

Sowing the seeds for bees

Worldwide, bees are now threatened with extinction. The increasing development of monocultures, the reduction of agricultural land, the use of pesticides, but also climate change are the causes of the increased bee mortality.

We want to help protect the bees and their habitat. That is why we have launched our bee campaign “Sowing the seed for bees”: In spring, we distribute flower seeds to our employees, which they can plant in their garden or flower box.

Environmental awareness in our offices

Sustainability affects everyone. For this reason, we have created a guide on environmental protection and sustainability. In our locations, this guide provides information on how everyone can contribute to the protection of our environment and ensure the sustainable use of resources.