Excerpt of our current donation projects

Many associations and non-profit organisations depend on donations. ENGINEERING supports social commitment and values a long-term partnership.

We want to make the world a little better with our donations of money and goods.

Düsseldorfer Tafel

Tafel Düsseldorf e.V.

“We are committed to ensuring that no plate is left empty. This is the motto of the Tafel Düsseldorf. Every year at Christmas, our employees collect food and hygiene articles for the Tafel in Düsseldorf. And ENGINEERING also contributes a sum of money.

Tiertafel Düsseldorf e.V.

We also collect food donations for Tiertafel Düsseldorf e.V. every year and ENGINEERING contributes a sum of money. The association supports fellow citizens who are financially or physically unable to take sufficient care of their pets.

Mushin Kampfkunstschule

Kampfkunstschule Mushin e.V.

MUSHIN is part of Zen Buddhism and stands for an association that supports the integration and inclusion of people with disabilities and the promotion of children and young people in their development.

Volunteer trainers and an organisational team work here with a lot of heart and passion to be able to offer regular training.

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Aktion Mensch

ENGINEERING supports the social projects of Aktion Mensch: For their birthday, our employees receive an annual ticket from Aktion Mensch.