“We cannot avoid the fact that every single action we do has its effect on the whole”, Albert Einstein.

We believe that every action we take has an impact on the whole. That is why we work with our employees to protect the environment, promote a diverse society with tolerance and respect, and help those who need our help.

Social Day

Social Day

All ENGINEERING employees can take one day off a year to do social or ecological work.

They are free to choose which organisation they would like to support.

In recent years, some employees have already helped out at the “Erika&Friends” charity farm, supported an animal shelter in its daily work or collected rubbish in their home town.

Mentoring program

Through the ENGINEERING mentoring programme, we want to promote an open feedback culture and support the targeted exchange of knowledge and experience within the company.

Mentors and mentees form a so-called tandem and exchange ideas on individually defined topics, such as work organisation, specialist knowledge or preparing for upcoming challenges. The general goal of the programme is for mentors to help mentees with their personal or professional development and to provide advice, support and guidance.

clean up

Rhine Clean Up

Every year, huge amounts of rubbish accumulate along the banks of the Rhine and end up in the world’s oceans. The international project “Rhine Clean Up” gathers volunteers once a year to help pick up the rubbish.

ENGINEERING supports this project by gathering employees and their families and friends at the Düsseldorf and Cologne sites on 11 September to clean the banks of the Rhine from rubbish.

You can find more information about the Rhine Clean Up at: RhineCleanUp 2021.