Business processes

Sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. Therefore, we attach great importance to the continuous improvement of our corporate processes.

ENGINEERING goes green

Climate protection is also an important issue for us. As we rely on travel to our customers, we see mobility as having the greatest potential in reducing CO2 emissions.

In cooperation with Lund University, we conducted an internal survey on mobility behaviour. The subject of the analysis was mobility as a main driver of CO2 emissions in our company. Building on the survey of the status quo, it was analysed how strongly different measures, assumed here as “imagine” hypotheses, influence the behaviour of individuals.

SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals

There is an increasing emphasis on sustainable development in all sectors of society.
ENGINEERING attaches great importance to sustainable business and supports customers, partners and public service organisations in the transition to sustainable processes. ENGINEERING supports the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030 and explores how to shape a public good future through digital technologies.

Our parent company in Italy has signed a Letter of Commitment to uphold and promote these goals.
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